Full Metal Jacket    


Full Metal Jacket is a kick ass mafia currently recruiting strong fighters with minimum 6k attack and 6k defense.


Fights 5,379,912,752
Fights Won 1,829,577,224
Ices 7,323,925
Kills 1,291,851
Battle Score (1 hour) 3,584
Battle Score (4 hour) 1,735
Members 29
Family ID 144
Updated 17 hours ago


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Spockholm Family Rank http://spockon.me/familyrank/family-144


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Profile IDTagNameLevelDefenseFacebook
p|145974187|FMJ|P®{VT}Bloody Joker9,854753,909
p|144262610|FMJ|smiley 7,417719,146
p|142366323|FMJ|P®The1ʷᶠᵃ [̲̅B קּஐ12,474757,300
p|117833820|FMJ|P® {VT} Belgium Silencer 6,889639,382
p|113731987|FMJ|P® FateβᏙЯFMJ9,119756,918
p|102959555|FMJ||FMJ| P® Rotary Cutter6,251635,177
p|90379072|FMJ||FMJ| P®T♄eℭrusher{VT}15,028743,140
p|89157652|FMJ|P® DEAD EYE {VT}7,474712,065
p|73235434|FMJ|P® Silverback ╠Ѻ╣ SB 9,962753,167
p|45670986|FMJ|ĩ¢£ ṖŔĩ¢Қ {B.T.E.}P®8,066697,103
p|44146399|FMJ|{I.M.} P® ~EF~ L¥ññ"[K9]4,701712,914
p|43319292|FMJ|P® {PЯΞĐΛTØЯ}{VT}4,995713,915
p|41467092|FMJ|Bish! P®{B.T.E.}IRC{VT} 9,328727,842
p|41316319|FMJ|P® {VT} Don Mike 11,705800,753
p|41275687|FMJ|MImi Sue 6,362718,388
p|40537212|FMJ|P® DOGS O WAR {VT} 8,146712,086
p|40259982|FMJ|FRANCIS A. BENWAY9,440758,504
p|38316457|FMJ|"|FMJ| P®T♄e sℭoüT"9,756757,505
p|36026588|FMJ|P®~мя ÐєªŧђЪεɖ~ॡ 7,887762,754
p|31326114|FMJ|P® ~RICHARDO~ {VT} 8,498749,329
p|30524858|FMJ|P®ɱɱεangirlVTקஐ{BTE}ॡ 10,947777,811
p|25456354|FMJ|P® {VT} <3 Μ¤МąМą 7,423730,578
p|8685622|FMJ|P® Lady Falcon 4,445767,657
p|7875987|FMJ|[FMJ-E] OluDaKilla 9,015762,413
p|4827784|FMJ|P® Suza-Bella {VT} {BTE}6,551713,299
p|2891420|FMJ|P®~WINGMAN~{VT} 7,348772,530
p|2561082|FMJ||FMJ|P® <3 LillyGirl <3 7,464714,047
p|1624659|FMJ||FMJ| P® Larc13,850753,526