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Shuffling Madness « Mafia Tornado

Shuffling Madness    


WE DONT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS TO JOIN BY THIS METHOD!!! DO NOT apply here...go to the "Shuffling Madness Fan/War Page" on Facebook and apply there! Part of the test is how well you can follow simple directions!...


Fights 3,943,979,623
Fights Won 3,081,929,485
Ices 5,223,533
Kills 618,296
Battle Score (1 hour) 15,109
Battle Score (4 hour) 2,606
Members 7
Family ID 219
Updated 6 months ago


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Profile IDTagNameLevelDefenseFacebook
p|83440236{ ϟ♏ }retired ~Q 46,336715,465
p|81830456{ ϟ♏ }JESTER8,621701,357
p|41059685{ ϟ♏ }retired ~Q22,289661,766
p|6429874{ ϟ♏ }ℭapŧĐänŧéQbã☧ª☻¹4,325298,681
p|4493175{ ϟ♏ }€¥€ Çàñ₫¥ ⌛⌛3,845321,734
p|3737616{ ϟ♏ }The Incendiaryღ {ϟ♏} *Q* 5,107623,181
p|3564644{ ϟ♏ }Big-Mamma Sho-Nuff Q 1,913468,466