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Per Sempre    


We are a small fighting clan built on the premise of honor, integrity and support for each other. We fight, we die, we heal and we fight again. We are F A M I L Y !!!!


Fights 12,290,398,148
Fights Won 11,476,803,657
Ices 35,455,817
Kills 1,477,645
Battle Score (1 hour) 10,167
Battle Score (4 hour) 3,208
Members 22
Family ID 257
Updated 6 months ago


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Profile IDTagNameLevelDefenseFacebook
p|147274448≡ Pṧ ≡Maximos@80,458746,754
p|139719204≡ Pṧ ≡Mini Mean Jo Green36,284838,436
p|103330583≡ Pṧ ≡ßadÅss My§tic 9,120742,727
p|103098051≡ Pṧ ≡Captainkrunch53,371763,893
p|101197784≡ Pṧ ≡PЯಥWLINGŦIGER ▌BB▐ 39,347961,708
p|94258942≡ Pṧ ≡AMERIC♠N OUTL♠W 20,507915,916
p|77793943≡ Pṧ ≡Santa's Reindeer54,127751,714
p|71493487≡ Pṧ ≡GЯΛMBO KΐCKΛSS 23,602910,856
p|68587867≡ Pṧ ≡John AKA LOGAN 14,772911,481
p|56705678≡ Pṧ ≡Ĩ ಥm Śpєєchlєss 45,941939,665
p|46790237≡ Pṧ ≡ЙΛTΛƧ คρ 10,566796,271
p|43277491≡ Pṧ ≡Sidd The Fearless 41,747745,173
p|42146062≡ Pṧ ≡ค קєгŦєςt ςเгςlє 46,118858,919
p|40944147≡ Pṧ ≡Jims эиเφмล148,163824,382
p|38677453≡ Pṧ ≡spooky ಥ 11,406756,158
p|35301758≡ Pṧ ≡ЌζϨϩҩӺƉƹΛדּӇ 14,039901,060
p|8671611≡ Pṧ ≡Ang❦lwing7 21,498888,458
p|4901779≡ Pṧ ≡XitLiteNterNite 40,729879,535
p|4412216≡ Pṧ ≡PЯΞDΛTØЯ 26,823849,263
p|3877836≡ Pṧ ≡Legen...Wait for it...Dary 31,025953,287
p|1987781≡ Pṧ ≡kid ≡ ≡ hawk 31,115922,019
p|1953815≡ Pṧ ≡manimal[βяick]ಥ 8,201755,168