Per Sempre    


We are a small fighting clan built on the premise of honor, integrity and support for each other. We fight, we die, we heal and we fight again. We are F A M I L Y !!!!


Fights 5,628,045,673
Fights Won 5,223,772,365
Ices 19,666,242
Kills 863,746
Battle Score (1 hour) 10,151
Battle Score (4 hour) 3,107
Members 26
Family ID 257
Updated 8 hours ago


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Profile IDTagNameLevelDefenseFacebook
p|111279593≡ Pṧ ≡Sωєє∂ιє 25,752648,024
p|103098051≡ Pṧ ≡Captainkrunch10,613631,156
p|102727652≡ Pṧ ≡Logan 39,162800,583
p|101197784≡ Pṧ ≡PЯಥWLINGŦIGER ▌BB▐ 24,111750,648
p|75288591≡ Pṧ ≡Ænima Ⓛ ✈, 30,295682,476
p|73442390≡ Pṧ ≡Trouble Yep I Did It 12,369680,299
p|71493487≡ Pṧ ≡GЯΛMBO KΐCKΛSS 14,451712,022
p|61930666≡ Pṧ ≡Ħǿǿȼɧ 37,762733,822
p|56705678≡ Pṧ ≡Ĩ ಥm ŚpєєchlⒺss 27,296696,969
p|46040498≡ Pṧ ≡Deadly Newfie548589,472
p|43277491≡ Pṧ ≡Sidd the Fearless 32,512676,415
p|42146062≡ Pṧ ≡ค קєгŦєςt ςเгςlє 35,436751,025
p|38677453≡ Pṧ ≡spooky ಥ 10,133633,423
p|26931716≡ Pṧ ≡Mean Jo Green 40,553784,368
p|8671611≡ Pṧ ≡Ang❦lwing7 8,549671,983
p|4901779≡ Pṧ ≡XitLiteNterNite 26,721681,900
p|3877836≡ Pṧ ≡Legen...Wait for it...Dary 14,973745,852
p|1987781≡ Pṧ ≡kid ≡ ≡ hawk 18,637682,032
p|1953815≡ Pṧ ≡manimal[βяick]ಥ 6,283669,786